Rose Moth Candle - Forest Spell

Rose Moth Candle - Forest Spell

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*NEW* THE ROSE MOTH x CABINET OF CURIOSITIES We are so excited to present our second creation with Rachael Rose... The Rose Moth. Drawing on her love of nature and woodlands, folklore and witchcraft, Rachael has been working with us to create her second fragrance ~ Forest Spell. An intoxicating blend of precious woods, green moss and fragrant botanicals with aromatic mandarin and a hint of dark chocolate, Forest Spell will bewitch all who meet her. Forest Spell is available as a beautiful gothic candle, a tombstone wax melt bar and a precious perfume oil. All artwork is designed by Rachael.

The Rose Moth Candle is infused with beautiful emerald and fluorite crystals and hand-poured in to a beautiful sage green gothic forever jar which can be used for storage once the candle has been burned. The candle comes to you in a drawstring gift bag designed by Rachael which can be used afterwards for tarot cards, jewellery or gifting.

Burn time approx. 55hr. Please note that burn times vary according to the conditions in which they are lit and our burn time is guide only.

To get best from your candle always make sure the wax melts across the surface of the candle on the first burn. Wax has a "memory" so this makes sure it will burn evenly subsequently. Trim the wick to 5mm between burns and remove any wick debris from the melt pool. Do not burn for longer than 4 hours per burn. NEVER leave a burning candle unattended. Always follow the safety information on the product.

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